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Clinique La Prairie Bangkok Welcomes Resident Nutritionist

Clinique La Prairie Bangkok Welcomes Resident Nutritionist - - TRAVELINDEXBangkok, Thailand, April 22, 2022 / TRAVELINDEX / Channelling Clinique La Prairie’s world-renowned approach to nutrition, Rachel brings a fresh perspective for guests of Clinique La Prairie Aesthetics & Medical Spa, incorporating elements of her specific background in the time honoured modalities of nutrition and herbalism. Offering holistic guidance for health and wellbeing nutrition at Clinique La Prairie Bangkok incorporates evidence-based and traditional approaches, including nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, emotional stress release techniques and guidance for toxin-free living.

Placing a key emphasis on empowering her patients with compassionate space, whilst offering support and practical strategies; Rachel’s mission is to inspire people to live healthier, happier and longer lives, by encouraging a deeper connection to nature and by aligning with the body’s natural rhythms.

Sessions with Rachel combine informative diagnostics tools using technology such as Oligoscan. Delivering painless and instantaneous results, OligoScan screens for physiological imbalances, including oxidative stresses responsible for ageing, presence of toxic metals and mineral imbalance. Following the OligoScan results and additional lab tests to determine nutritional needs body composition analysis, Rachel provides personalised guidance in diet and lifestyle to support guests’ wellness goals.

Nutrition Services

Learn to regulate food intake and break free from a dieting mindset with the help of a certified nutritionist. By taking a more holistic approach to nutrition and focusing on mindfulness, guests will be empowered to maintain a healthy body and reach lasting goals without restrictive dieting and unnecessary sacrifices. Clinique La Prairie Bangkok’s three-stage process will guide guests to make incremental lifestyle changes resulting in a healthy and balanced relationship with food.

– Initial Nutritional Consultation 60 minutes THB 4,000
– Nutritional Follow-Up Consultation 45 minutes THB 3,000
– Nutritional Analysis with Oligoscan 120 minutes THB 8,500
– Comprehensive Treatment Plan THB 2,500

Introducing Longevity Focused Protocols

Clinique La Prairie Bangkok has developed advanced holistic protocols to help realise guests’ personal journey to look, feel and live well programs centered around key protocols of: Boost, Detox & Age-Defy.

Based on cutting edge anti-aging, medical and nutrition sciences, each package is designed with carefully selected treatments, technologies and coaching, that amplify each other to activate your body and mind, and achieve unique results of energy, beauty, detox or rejuvenation. Alongside aesthetics and wellness treatments, our health specialists will help identify nutritional and lifestyle changes to reach defined objectives, and leave guests looking radiant, sculpted, balanced and more youthful – with long-lasting effects.

The four programs are named Energy to activate cellular energy and regain vitality, Body, a comprehensive combination of treatments to sculpt and shape, Detox to eliminate toxins, purify and restore balance and finally Beauty, a unique result-focused experience to gain a more youthful appearance. Journeys range from 3 to 5 hours and combine a host of treatments including high tech skin analysis, nutrition consultations and tailored refreshments as well as Swiss Perfection spa treatments and aesthetic medical therapies

About Clinique La Prairie Aesthetics & Medical Spa Bangkok
The first Clinique La Prairie flagship outside of Europe, Clinique La Prairie Aesthetics & Medical Spa Bangkok is a haven of rejuvenation and wellbeing that addresses beauty, longevity, nutrition and wellness concerns with scientifically proven treatments, lifestyle-enhancing products, and signature wellness traditions. Located on level 15 of The St. Regis Bangkok and extending over 1,500 sqm, Clinique La Prairie Aesthetics & Medical Spa Bangkok boasts 16 treatment rooms including a Thai massage room, couples’ suites and massage therapy rooms. The relaxation facilities are spread across two levels with wet area facilities including rain showers, Thai herbal steam rooms, twilight rasul, vitality pools, foot reflexology water walk, and relaxation pods.