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Corona Island Eco-Friendly Luxury Resort to Open in 2022

Corona Island Eco-Friendly Luxury Resort to Open in 2022

Caribbean, Mexico, January 5, 2022 / TRAVELINDEX / Corona Island is a paradise in the middle of the Caribbean, where architecture blends in with the natural landscape. Imagine a place where you can enjoy unique experiences that will connect you with nature. An island where you can be part of the Earth’s rhythm, learning about what comes from the sea and sun. Here, you’ll see the most impressive sunsets and celebrate them in Corona style.

Corona Island will only host a small number of guests at a time in order to preserve the island’s low ecological impact, and there won’t be a lot of ways for travelers to win access to this promising destination.

Corona Beer announced Corona Island, a unique destination for visitors to disconnect from the everyday and reconnect with the natural world. Slated to open in late Spring 2022 in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, Corona Island will be a magical destination centered around sustainability and is striving to become “Blue Verified” by Oceanic Global as part of the international NGO’s rigorous Blue Standard program. The verification and assessment addresses measures including: single-use plastic elimination and implementation of responsible waste management infrastructure. The assessment is currently underway with Corona Island set to become the first fully Blue Verified Island by its launch in spring of next year.

Corona Island has partnered with non-profit Oceanic Global to ensure Corona Island operates with a minimal environmental footprint. Corona Island is working to achieve Oceanic Global’s Blue Standard to verify the Island’s efforts to eliminate single-use plastics and adopt responsible practices that work in harmony with the natural world.