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GeoSure & Deem Teams to Bring Travel Safety Tools to Business Travel

GeoSure & Deem Teams to Bring Travel Safety Tools to Business Travel

Oakland, California, United States, September 11, 2020 / TRAVELINDEX / Deem, a leading mobile and cloud technology provider for the corporate travel industry, today announced its partnership with GeoSure, the global leader in providing timely, hyper-local safety information and digital duty of care solutions.

Deem clients, including many Fortune 500 companies, rapidly growing small and medium-sized businesses, and travel management companies (TMCs), will gain access to GeoSure’s unique suite of travel safety digital products and hyper-local insights as found in Deem’s recently launched SafetyCheck feature. These include health and medical risk ratings, the latest COVID-19 data and mapping, women’s safety, LGBTQ+ safety awareness enhancements, and other detailed information.

Additionally, Deem customers will soon be provided with GeoSure’s Daytime/Nighttime Safety AdjustorTM algorithms and the first-ever crowdsourced Safety Experience Sharing (SES)TM feature, which provide in-destination insights from fellow business travelers. In the post-COVID-19 world, experience sharing is increasingly important for traveling female, LGBTQ+ and other underrepresented groups of business travelers.

“Travelers are at the heart of what we do at Deem, and the pandemic has further accelerated the need to provide enhanced duty of care solutions for companies and their travelers in an automated, real-time fashion,” said Deem CEO John F. Rizzo. “As we continue to invest in and deepen our software offering, joining forces with another leader like GeoSure, that has carefully crafted its technology for traveler health and safety, is an obvious choice for us to provide the best information to travelers at the exact time they need it most – during the booking process.”

“GeoSure is thrilled to partner with leading online booking platform Deem to provide a confident, informed, and engaged travel experience by equipping travelers with trusted and timely localized safety information,” said GeoSure CEO Michael Becker. “Highly innovative and nuanced traveler risk management solutions are necessary given the conditions travelers face. At GeoSure, our mission is to make travel safer, confident and inspiring, and with our shared values, this partnership with Deem is a marked advance toward this goal.”

Deem has moved quickly to identify market gaps and reinvent the digital-first travel experience for global business travelers. Cementing a partnership with GeoSure is a natural next phase of this evolution, enhancing duty of care capabilities for the digital economy in a post-pandemic ecosystem.

Beginning today, travelers will see the SafetyCheck icon in their hotel booking module when searching for hotels, with safety data and features from GeoSure seamlessly integrated. Additionally, accurate and detailed airline safety information will be presented in the flight search module, with data provided by Routehappy by APTCO. In the future, business travelers will have the added benefit of a complete booking and duty of care (powered by GeoSure) solution in the palm of their hand with the Deem mobile app.

About GeoSure
GeoSure, the leader in scaled location safety assessment, leverages big data, predictive analytics, crowdsourcing and AI to calculate location-specific ratings represented as GeoSafeScores™. GeoSafeScores™ are a simple, standardized system that gauge relative risk of traveling personnel and physical assets anywhere in the world. GeoSure harvests country, city and neighborhood crime stats, health, economic, political data feeds and much more, to generate ratings for more than 65,000 locations worldwide.

GeoSure supports the global travel ecosystem by provisioning travelers with ubiquitous safety awareness, reinforcing a positive safety feedback loop in tourism economies, and helping organizations become leaders in Safety Stewardship™, rapidly advancing GeoSure’s mission of “A Safer, More Predictable World.”

About Deem
Deem is on a mission to transform travel. With its corporate travel booking and management platform that allows travel managers to customize their programs, Deem offers employees everything they need to easily make the right travel decisions for themselves and their company. Deem’s travel technology plugs into major travel agencies and expense solution providers, enabling more corporate customers and the world’s largest travel management companies.

Deem, a wholly owned and independently run subsidiary of Enterprise Holdings, is now part of the fifth largest travel company in the world. The company is headquartered in Oakland, California, with offices in Dublin, Ireland and Bangalore, India.