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Hotelintel Acquires E-Global Travel Media, Destination Thailand News

Hotelintel Acquires E-Global Travel Media, Destination Thailand News

Bangkok, Thailand, July 8, 2020 / TRAVELINDEX / Publisher of the Thailand hospitality portal, Hotelintel, have acquired the Australian-based eGlobal Travel publication along with Destination Thailand from Stephen Morton’s Global Travel Media Company. The acquisitions will create a formidable travel industry publishing group positioned to take advantage of the international tourism growth expected after the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions.

Ms. Wimintra Raj, managing director of Hotelintel, said the online publications had a long history of success and enjoyed strong global travel and hospitality industry readership.

“The titles are very complementary to our publication. Combined, we can now offer advertisers greater penetration into the local and international tourism markets and provide readers with stronger content focusing on Asia-Pacific, China, the United States, and beyond.”

She explained that the value of the eGlobal Travel and Destination Thailand publications was in their strategic potential, with the COVID-19 issues having little impact on the sale price. While traditional media outlets with high overheads face challenges in maintaining a sustainable business model, Hotelintel applies a lean, data-driven, and audience-relevant approach from the ground up, ensuring well-researched and insightful content from knowledgeable industry sources.

“Tourism will play a crucial part in the economic recovery. Our expanded online publishing group will now have the resources to achieve leadership roles in the travel and hospitality sector,” she said.

Stephen Morton said he was delighted by the potential of the merged group. “All our employees will be retained, and new jobs and roles are expected for our editorial staff in Thailand and around the world,” he said. Destination Thailand and eGlobal Travel will continue to be published Monday through Friday and the websites, including all travel industry sections, will also be updated daily.